Sometimes on our journey through the sea called LIFE, we might become a bit dizzy, seasick, or scared.
Then we need to hold on tight to this boat, we are sitting in.
Even if everything is mixed up at first, we can still continue our journey, because there is always at least one way.
While we realise the changes with their effects in our lives, we most importantly need to be gentle with ourselves.
Then we need to take our time to catch up with the new situation.

Already May 2017! Wow!
It have been a few crazy months lately.
AliveAnd moved into their own four walls in Gera and even though it is not fully ready yet, the massage room at least is.
There will be a few changes regarding the HipHop, Zumba, and DAYO classes, which will be announced shortly.
More infos will follow soon 🙂

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