Life happens

Every morning we win 24 hours. Every moment of it is guaranteed to be new. In addition to this certainty, however, there are many uncertainties. Who knows what today may bring? Or even the future? Today, let’s be inspired by the surprises along the way. Wouldn’t it be boring to know about everything that’s going […]

What makes you rich?

Let’s take a moment today to remember what or who is really important and valuable for us. Are our priorities in harmony with the answers to those questions? Or should we maybe rethink them?

Never give up

Sometimes it gets dark around us and we lose our orientation. Yes sometimes the difficulties scream right into our face, so much that it hurts. But as soon as we remember that we ourselves are the light in our lives, it already gets a little brighter around us. It’s not over when you get knocked […]


Everything moves  faster and faster The precision is blurring in a sea out of lights, sounds, adumbration Moments keep on losing its meaning We are too busy Stopped looking into each other’s eyes Locking our hearts No one wants to sink but the level is rising Because we mistake each other Because we gave up […]

moved weeks

Oh yes, there has been a lot of dancing in the last weeks and months. Joyful Zumba classes, harmonic expressions of emotions in DAYO classes, improvised dancing in sunshine and in the rain in mother nature: everybody found their favourite class. Until the mid of August, this continues and then it’s time for our summer […]

AliveAnd NOW

AliveAnd… so much more! That’s what you are. That’s what I am. That’s what we all are. Right now. Last month this website kind of also came to life and I feel like saying a few words about it. Maybe you have already read through the lines on this website, maybe you haven’t yet. Either […]