Hello new adventure!

Four years ago somebody said to me: “You could also be a young farmer, who opens the windows of the wooden house in the morning, smiling at her goats and sheep and then you spend the day with the animals outdoors in the mountains.” And today? Well, I don’t live on a farm. I don’t […]

2017’s flow

What happened last year? What have I learned? What do I take with me into the new year? In this article I want to share a few impressions of happenings 2017. There has been a lot of movement – be it physically or mentally. I love to share my joy and energy for life with […]

You can do anything

Everything you need is within you. And deep inside you know ANYTHING is possible, if you really want it to be. This week, don’t let your own borders hold you back. Thoughts like “I can’t” or “I am not good enough” get us nowhere and we simply don’t need them. YOU CAN – and you […]

Life happens

Every morning we win 24 hours. Every moment of it is guaranteed to be new. In addition to this certainty, however, there are many uncertainties. Who knows what today may bring? Or even the future? Today, let’s be inspired by the surprises along the way. Wouldn’t it be boring to know about everything that’s going […]

What makes you rich?

Let’s take a moment today to remember what or who is really important and valuable for us. Are our priorities in harmony with the answers to those questions? Or should we maybe rethink them?

Never give up

Sometimes it gets dark around us and we lose our orientation. Yes sometimes the difficulties scream right into our face, so much that it hurts. But as soon as we remember that we ourselves are the light in our lives, it already gets a little brighter around us. It’s not over when you get knocked […]


Dancing in the sun so wild and free – oh how simple life can be! Let ease be our guide through today. The present moment is all we have. Therefore let us welcome the now with an open heart and mind. Just like a feather, we are carried by the wind and we enjoy this […]

new year – new joy

This year has been incredible. It probably wasn’t much different to the roller coasters I experienced the last years – up & down, up & down – but still feels so different. Maybe because it was a big new beginning for AliveAnd. “Progress” might be what I feel so strong. So many roads and paths […]

nature is my therapy

Nature is my therapy Nature makes me always see In nature lies my heart, my growth, my youth In nature I find security, answers, love, and truth I remember who I am I remember where I’m from Can drop my human glasses Know everything the river passes Am clear with open heart and mind The […]