Life happens

Every morning we win 24 hours. Every moment of it is guaranteed to be new. In addition to this certainty, however, there are many uncertainties. Who knows what today may bring? Or even the future? Today, let’s be inspired by the surprises along the way. Wouldn’t it be boring to know about everything that’s going […]


Everything moves  faster and faster The precision is blurring in a sea out of lights, sounds, adumbration Moments keep on losing its meaning We are too busy Stopped looking into each other’s eyes Locking our hearts No one wants to sink but the level is rising Because we mistake each other Because we gave up […]

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know

Like a big rock attached to my back – a heavy weight disabled me from walking upright. For months I have wondered, worried, prayed, questioned, hoped and fought. “When will it stop? How do I make it stop?” Every time I thought I finally got over it – I was wrong. The thoughts came back. […]