Everything moves  faster and faster

The precision is blurring in a sea out of lights, sounds, adumbration

Moments keep on losing its meaning

We are too busy

Stopped looking into each other’s eyes

Locking our hearts

No one wants to sink but the level is rising

Because we mistake each other

Because we gave up attaching any meaning to the „We“

I feel the chilly sand between my toes while the sun is setting on the horizon

Constantly new waves are flowing back to the beach

As if they would stand for all these single, uncountable chances we only would need to take

So, why are we not doing it?

Disregarding these chances and acting like it´s not touching us at all?

Telling ourselves that it doesn´t mean a thing?

This smile

This embracement that´s catching someone again

This helping hand

This distinctive gesture

We´re protecting ourselves too often, resign instead of being brave

And sometimes I´m worried that we forget to be real and to take these chances

Because we mean something

More than we possibly adumbrate

And we need to take the risk

Because some missed chances are irrecoverable

And many of these moments too precious – for just keep on going like this


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            written by Angela Schütt

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