Four years ago somebody said to me: “You could also be a young farmer, who opens the windows of the wooden house in the morning, smiling at her goats and sheep and then you spend the day with the animals outdoors in the mountains.”

And today?

Well, I don’t live on a farm. I don’t live in the mountains either. The wooden hut I am often dreaming of, also doesn’t play a role in my life at the moment.

Much more than the places in the outside, I discovered, learned and built on my inner beingness in the last years. The four weeks that I spent four years ago in the Tasmanian forest had opened many doors, through which I went time after time.

What am I here for?
Who can I be and who do I want to be?
What do I wish to invest my time and energy in?

This path is like a journey with a boat on a river – sometimes the current is powerful, sometimes peaceful, sometimes I can sit back and relax, sometimes I need to give it everything I got.
This path is colorfully painted with various companions, various challenges and various glasses, through which I experience and partly create all of it.
This path unfolds on so many levels, in forms and formlessnes.

We are all on this path. The path with our selves – to our self.
When we remember what we are here for and that everything we need for realising our true wishes and imaginations is waiting within us, we discover a totally new feeling in and with life. We are life.
And with this aliveness, everything comes to life, what our hearts have wished and longed for, long ago – anything becomes possible, which seemed impossible once.

How often do we stand on a parting of ways, where we should decide for one direction?
Maybe more often than we realise.
After four years of intense building on a home, which I now carry in and with me, I find myself quite aware at the point, where I can decide for the next steps again.

What happens, when I walk with love, passion and a backpack full of projects for our beautiful world?

I AM EXCITED! Because that’s exactly what I’ll find out.
Besides my self employment “WorkSymphony” as a health psychologist & digital health assistant, there are a few projects here and there, ready to begin.
YOU are invited on to this journey! I will keep you informed and updated about the happenings.
When does it begin? Next week.
Where does it begin? For me it begins in Germany and on the 8th of December..where will I be? 🙂 For you the journey can take place here, in Facebook or Instagram.

It is and stays exciting! And who knows: maybe I’ll find myself someday in the bed of a farm in the mountains, starting my day with my dog Lio, the sheeps and the goats…

I’m looking forward to what comes!

Your Alexandra

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