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Dancing is more than just movement.

Dancing is a language by itself. Dancing translates inspiration (like music) through various ways.
It is emotion, self-expression, art, therapy, sport, a social phenomenon and a lot more. To dance means to be free.

Dance with me!

Zumba & HipHop-Showdance

My career as a dance instructor began 2014 with Zumba.
Today I still give classes every now and then that are very similar to Zumba.
Our motto in these classes is: SHAKE IT OFF!
Here, you take a break from the daily life and let it all go!
The combination of great company, happy music and dance moves that make positive feelings in you explode, creates a harmonic atmosphere.
Most importantly: HAVE FUN!
And fun shared is doubled fun!

I follow my passion for dancing Hip-Hop many years now.
Since 2016 I am a Hip-Hop-Instructor myself. 
Every now and then I’m the instructor of a dance group.
Having fun, expressing yourself and enjoying an amazing feeling in the group is the most important.
Together we’re enchanting our audience with powerful choreographies!

WHAT classes are happening WHERE & WHEN? 
Check it out on Facebook or send me a message!

DAYO – Emotion & Exercise

This combination of Dance and Yoga introduces Yoga poses in a gently flowing dance style.
What expects you here are flowing movements, based on exercises for the whole body, which improve your strength, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination.

In DAYO we are focussing on our emotions and the ways to express those.
We get a greater understanding for ourselves and improve the connection between body and soul.

You want to dance ?

“I can’t dance. I don’t have any rhythm! I am not good enough!”

How often do I hear sentences like these. A few years ago I would have even said similar things about me. But today I know: Everybody can dance. Everybody’s got rhythm.

Nature simply gave an individual rhythm to each and everybody on this planet. Of course they are all different, so sometimes people begin to think they don’t have rhythm because his one is not the same as the rhythm of ten other people.

Dancing is not about being as good as somebody else. It’s not about being better than the others. Dancing simply is about expressing your self – your feelings, thoughts and impulses. It is about feeling yourself and to enjoy movement…to have FUN! And if you really want to be better than somebody, be better than your momentary self.

You can dance!
The only question is: Do you want to?

Be surprised – by yourself!

For more information and if you have questions just send me a message!

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