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Breathing in. Breathing out.

We do it all the time, mostly we don’t notice that we are breathing. Our mind, our body and our soul are experiencing and processing so much every single day.

So whatever we are doing in our daily life, we need to give ourselves the opportunity to rest and refill with energy.

This works with various techniques and methods, like for example Yoga, Meditation, Autogenous Training, taking a bath, going for a walk in the forest…

And sometimes if we have the opportunity, we can even let others help us. I would be more than happy to send your soul on a beautiful journey while your body and mind purely relaxes.

Tibetan Energy Massage

You want to help your body and mind relax? You want to send your soul on a journey? Then the tibetan energy massage is what you should try! With the aid of aromatherapy oils, this massages helps release blocked energy channels aiding the body to help heal itself naturally. Through brisk, sweeping movements performed on the body, this massage treatment is unique unto itself.

This is not a traditional therapeutic massage but rather a coming together of body, mind and spirit.

Many people experience visions or an overall lightness of the body during and after treatment.

Learn to relax!

How much relaxation do I need?

Do I have time for that?

What kind of relaxing methods works best for me?

In the daily life we often have to manage many things. Our time, our To-Do-lists…

We try to use our efforts in a way that enables us to fulfil all tasks and jobs. How difficult it is for us to take a break though? To just do nothing. To take a step back from all that’s happening and to focus on our own wellbeing. It is the most important to give yourself and your body the chance to recover. Only by that you can assure to sustain enough energy for your plans in the future.

During our life time we often figure out what’s the best way for us to relax. Would you like to expand your catalogue of relaxation methods? Would you like to test the Tibetan Energy Massage or to find out more about it? I’m happy to answer your message!

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