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Many ideas and a huge variety of topics.
Turning ideas into projects is another passion of mine.

AliveAnd is always looking for people to connect with for simply sharing ideas and thoughts and maybe working together on the one or the other project and more.

About our projects we will keep you posted through our Blog and Facebook.

“Auf ins Leben”

My first project was and is called “Auf ins Leben” (Let’s go Life). It is a presentation that is most interesting for students who soon finish school, their parents and people who are interested in taking a break to do something different for a while.

I talk about questions like “How can I find my true path?” and “Why should I consider to take a break after school?” Of course there are many different possibilities, like: practical experiences, volunteering programs, traveling or work&traveling.

As I gathered own experiences with work&traveling, I share these and inform about how it works and also how to organise it by yourself. Often people who are about to finish school are uncertain about which way they want to go into the future.

Instead of choosing a career path as quickly as possible and then sooner or later realising it doesn’t make them happy at all, a short break after school can achieve much clarity and take away some fears.

Now it depends on WHAT you fill this time with. This and more is what we share in this presentation. The last “Auf ins Leben”-Events enjoyed great popularity from both students and teachers. Let us take you on a journey of thoughts, too, when we say “Let’s go Life!” again.

Doing is like wanting, just starker.

There is something, that moves you and you want to become active with or for it?
You have an idea for an event or a project?
You are looking for support through like-minded people?
You would like to support a heart-interest, but you’re not sure how?
You have a dream but you are not sure if and how you can make it happen?

Whatever it is: Share your thoughts with me and send a message.


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