What happened last year?
What have I learned?
What do I take with me into the new year?

In this article I want to share a few impressions of happenings 2017.
There has been a lot of movement – be it physically or mentally.
I love to share my joy and energy for life with others – this can take various shapes.
2017 some of these shapes were: A showdance-group for adults, a theatre-play, DaYo-classes, fitness classes, guided meditation groups, projects in and with Gera, talks in schools and businesses, get-aways in nature, opening my own room for the coaching classes… It has been a lot and yet this was only the beginning.

Happy about the beautiful moments 2017, I am now about to write my Bachelor thesis and prepare to start as a self-employed health psychologist and life-coach.  Find more about this here: www.alexandra-klinke.com

For AliveAnd there are many beautiful news, which you will find out about soon.

May you be well, happy and loving each day 🙂

Dancing at Kulturgarten Gera

Living one week in Geras Neue Mitte


“Tempel der Göttin der Dienstleistung” – Sommerakademie 2017 in der Häselburg ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bIQDA1BSqc )


AliveAnd- EnergyRefill-days 2017


Your Alexandra


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