AliveAnd… so much more!

That’s what you are. That’s what I am. That’s what we all are. Right now.

Last month this website kind of also came to life and I feel like saying a few words about it.

Maybe you have already read through the lines on this website, maybe you haven’t yet.
Either way: “I”, that’s me –>

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Hiiiii! I'm Alexandra :)
Hiiiii! I’m Alexandra 🙂


Behind AliveAnd is a great picture – a vision.
Actually, it started off as a puzzle with many different parts and pieces that I have gathered all the way from my childhood to today.
Two years ago I was able to see the picture of this puzzle.
And today I know it is not even finished yet.
This is only the beginning.

What’s in the picture?

Basically: People doing what they love and sharing their joy and passion with others.
There are many different people in the picture doing countless various things – more then you and I could imagine right now – and they all have a big smile on their face.
Is this utopia?   – No.
It’s a connection of people sharing their happiness in heartfelt human contact.
It’s a connection of people who inspire and people who get inspired.
And it’s a connection of people who care. About themselves and about others.

AliveAnd NOW

Thanks to a lovely lady working in a gym in the middle of nowhere in Australia, I found
the perfect way to combine my wish to assist others in enjoying their daily life more and
my greatest passion – the dancing:
Dance Instruction.
That’s what I began with in 2015 and what I am mainly doing at the moment.

Thanks to a beautiful friend of mine I came in touch with the Tibetan Energy Massages many years ago.
This massage touched my soul already when back then I wasn’t even aware that I am so much more than this body.
The Tibetan Energy Massage helped me relaxing in the roughest times.
It filled me with the energy that I was lacking.
It helped me process happenings and it allowed me to let go of thoughts that were
so harmful that they even hurt me physically.
Last year there came a point when my friend asked me if I would like to learn how to give this type of massage.
Oh yes, I did!
Still, I like receiving them, but I absolutely love to give the Tibetan Energy Massages.
I have experienced it myself, how nice and powerful they can be.
Now I am happy to be able to pass on this energy and see its relaxation effects on others.

What about this Blog?

This blog is a beautiful space for spreading ideas, thoughts, events, news and information about interesting topics.
I love writing. I love sharing. And so do other people which I am happy to share this space with.
Because as I said: We all are AliveAnd so much more.
We all have ideas and colourful inner pictures made by our imagination, visions, and dreams.
And sometimes all we need for freeing some of them is a space.
How often will something get posted here? – I have no idea.
Most of the things I do are based on following my feeling.

For example, when I don’t feel like writing something new, I probably won’t.
And when I walk through the forest and suddenly have a nice thought that I definitely want to share, that’s what you will be reading just a few hours later.
Just like the water of a river, I allow my feelings to flow… and I follow where this takes me.
My heart and my inner voice are my guides.
By not forcing anything, you can be sure that what you read or see was created with love.
And you can be sure, that what I do is done with love.

I enjoy seeing people happy. And I love making people happy.
Happiness shared is doubled!
It’s like a circular flow that I can observe for example in every dance class:
I am happy because I’m dancing, so I smile. Everybody else is smiling because they enjoy themselves and my smile seems to be catching. So they smile back at me which only makes me smile more. And so on! 🙂

What I am doing now is only the beginning of AliveAnd.
The future is holding a lot.
It might (and will) be new courses, new projects, new offers, new people, new places…
It might be a change from “I” into “we”, which it sometimes already is.

Who knows?!
You will… when it’s about time!

Until then let’s continue making our lives into a piece of art, shine our lights and be present.

Let AliveAnd surprise you, inspire you, entertain you and much more.
Let’s connect!

Enjoy your NOW ♥


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